2 thoughts on “Air travel with SCI

  1. Ian,
    Congratulations on becoming editor of New Mobility magazine. I just became aware of the Wheelchair Lifestyle Podcast and listened to the episode on air travel. I am unlike most of your audience for the podcast and for the magazine in that I use a wheelchair only when I have to travel a distance for than three hundred feet. Otherwise I use Lofstrand crutches and my feet. (I do not have spinal cord injury; rather I have hereditary spastic paraparesis with peripheral neuropathy, which means that when I walk it is like I have 40-lb ankle weights on each ankle). As a consequence, my issues are somewhat different, for example getting help with luggage when traveling with my wife and getting the wheelchair in the first place in an airport to take me where I need to go. Does United Spinal want to deal with these sorts of issues?

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