United on Wheels

United’s Pathways to Employment Part 2

This week we continue the United Spinal Pathways to Employment series. Barbara Kornblau is joined by Chanelle Houston and Brian Denny who will share their journey back to work after spinal cord injury. They’ll discuss some of the accommodations made by their employers as well as interactions with colleagues upon returning to the work force.

United Spinal is a founding member of the Secure Work Coalition  which aims to protect and improve work incentive and benefits counseling programs within Social Security such as Ticket to Work (TTW) that help beneficiaries of Social Security disability programs to return to work. Coalition members, including disability advocacy and employment services organizations, provide return to work assistance and benefits counseling for the disability community. Find us on Facebook @SecureWorkCoalition


United Spinal’s Pathways to Employment program is supported by the generous contributions of Coca Cola, Verizon, Genentech and Allsup.

Credit: Music: https://www.purple-planet.com