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United Spinal’s Grassroots Advocacy Network

United Spinal’s Grassroots Advocacy Network and Working Groups

United On Wheels – Episode 48.

“I always say I was an advocate before I knew I was an advocate,” our Grassroots Advocacy Manager Annie Streit tells host Paul Amadeus Lane. She shares how she became involved with United and how you, can too. Joining her is our Advocacy Director Stephen Lieberman, who discusses our vast, nationwide network of over 1,600 advocates in almost every legislative district. Steve tells how our working groups grew organically from advocates sharing about their local needs. They come together to share strategies on how to make change from their hometown up to Capitol Hill.

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Handcycling Across America with Adam Lane

Handcycling Across America with Adam Lane

United on Wheels – Episode 45

On this episode, Paul is joined by Adam Lane, a member of United Spinal’s Oklahoma Chapter who recently handcycled across the United States to raise awareness about the organization’s #StrongWheeled Together campaign which highlights the spinal cord injury and disorder (SCI/D) community’s contributions to American society and struggle for equality. You can donate to support Adam’s efforts at Also check out his website:

Senator Tom Harkin on the 30th Anniversary of the ADA

Join United on Wheels as we speak to Senator Tom Harkin about his work on the ADA. Senator Harkin was one of the key players and sponsor of the Americans with disabilities Act. Today’s talk is hosted by Alex Bennewith and includes the CEO and President of United Spinal Association, Jim Weisman. They are joined by advocates, Ms Wheelchair Iowa 2009, Angie Hulsebus and our own UOW host, Paul “Amadeus” Lane.

ADA Anniversary Podcast

On this episode of United on Wheels podcast, United Spinal’s President and CEO, James Weisman, who has been fighting for the disability community since the 1970s speaks with us about his experience working toward getting the Americans with Disabilities Act passed during the early 90s. Jim has been a long-time advocate for Americans with disabilities and shares some of that experience with us on this very special episode of United on Wheels.