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Vetsfirst – A program of United Spinal Association

On this episode of United on Wheels, Paul is joined by Christine Golden and Johnny Parker from our Vetsfirst Team. Did you know that prior to being called United Spinal, we were actually named “Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association?” Tune in to learn a bit about the Vetsfirst Team and what they do for our veterans.

Meet United Spinal’s ACS Team

Join Paul as he speaks with United Spinal’s Accessibility Services (ACS) Team members Kay Pearson, Marsha Mazz and Dominic Marinelli to discuss progress in building an inclusive world for wheelchair users and all people with disabilities. Accessibility Services is a team of professionals, including certified accessibility specialists, plan examiners, attorneys, architects and code enforcement officials who are skilled in applying state and federal accessibility requirements, including, Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Housing, Section 504 and state/local accessibility requirements to your project. Celebrating its 75th Anniversary in 2021, United Spinal and its programs such as ACS have empowered people with disabilities to maximize independence and access their communities to pursue new opportunities.

Meet Jim Weisman, President and CEO of United Spinal Association

On today’s episode of United On Wheels, Paul “Amadeus” Lane will have a candid conversation with Jim Weisman, the President and CEO of United Spinal Association.

This is a special time as the 30th anniversary of the ADA is right around the corner. Jim Weisman has been on the front line of disability rights and was instrumental in the passing of the ADA! See the quote below from when Jim was honored by the Mayor’s Office For People With Disabilities (MOPD) for all of his hard work.

Weisman was a key negotiator with Congress in drafting and achieving the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and authored transportation provisions in the law.